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    Artwork Guidelines

    We can print your own custom designed artwork or help you with your artwork.

    All our seeded and specialty paper is manufactured by hand from recycled content. The colour of our seed paper varies between an off white to a light cream. Flecks of recycled content may be visible in the paper. While each batch is fairly consistent there may be some slight variation in thickness and seed placement throughout each sheet. As the paper is uncoated and slightly absorbent, colours may print differently to what they would on normal machine made white paper.

    We can print your own custom designed artwork or help you with your artwork.

    Artwork Fees

    Supply your own print ready PDF

    We charge a $30 artwork fee for PRINT READY PDF’s.

    If you are printing multiple designs, it’s $30 per product design.

    If you are new to using seed paper we understand that you may be concerned that your design may not look right when printed on seed paper and that some tweaks may be needed. The artwork fee includes printing a sample which can be sent to you via the post or we can take a photo and email to you. We will also make recommendations if we think your artwork may need some changes to achieve a better printing result. We won’t move ahead with printing until you are happy.

    Paper-Go-Round prepared artwork

    Due to our current workload, customised artwork preparation by Paper-Go-Round is temporarily on pause. Until we are able to recommence this service please supply all artwork as a PRINT READY PDF file.

    Ink Coverage

    • Full ink coverage may affect the germination of the seeds, we recommend up to around 60% ink coverage.
    • Large areas of solid colour are best avoided if possible.
    • Printing prices depend on the amount of detail in your artwork. Starting prices for printed products allow for up to around 50% ink coverage along with no edge to edge printing.
    • High ink coverage and printing to edges on seed paper is more costly to produce therefore higher prices will apply.
    • If the product is a folded card, avoid any ink coverage on or near the fold line as some slight cracking of the paper may occur when the card is folded.
    • Less ink also highlights the texture of the paper and allows the seeds to be more visible.

    Borders & Bleed

    Printing and trimming of seed paper can present some challenges. Due to the relatively soft nature of the seed paper there can sometimes be some slight movement of the paper – around  +/- 3mm -when printing and trimming.  While this may not always be the case, if artwork contains borders or text that is too close to the edge, any movement will be more noticeable and may look uneven or get chopped off in the finished product.

    When designing your artwork, we recommend:

    • Placing images and any important text at least 5mm from the edge. Keep in mind that minor paper movement of around 3mm can result in a border/text of 2mm on one side and the opposite side 8mm if artwork is placed 5mm from the edge.
    • If your design does print to the edge please include a bleed of 5mm beyond the trimmed edge and extend your design into the bleed area. Depending on the artwork and size of product, when a bleed is required a price increase may apply.
    • Ensure trim line is set to correct size in your artwork.

    The following diagram shows an example of the trim, bleed and safe area for artwork.


    Fonts & Type

    • For text to print clearly on the seed paper we recommend a minimum size of 8pt. If you require smaller, ensure that it is not a very fine/light font.
    • Reverse type (white text inside a solid colour) should not be less then 10pt.
    • Convert text to outlines or embed fonts.


    • Images and photos should be saved or provided at a minimum of 150 dpi. If less, they may look fuzzy once printed.
    • Avoid thumbnail images as reproduction of the fine detail will be lost.

    Colour Matching

    • We print in CMYK colour.

    We are not able to colour match accurately due to the handmade nature of our paper.


    Please supply artwork as a PRINT READY PDF.

    • Artwork should be in CMYK colour.
    • Supply artwork at the correct trim size plus a bleed if printing to edge.
    • If printing both sides, supply each side as a separate page in the PDF or as separate PDF’s.
    • We are not able to print artwork supplied as a word or powerpoint document. Additional artwork fees will apply as we will need to convert to our preferred (adobe) printing format.

    Remember, the end result will not look like a glossy magazine. It will look like it has been printed on a matt, handmade paper with a natural or slightly earthy feel… ie the print will be commensurate with the style of paper. Creative artwork design can further enhance this positive aspect of the seeded paper.

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