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    Custom Business Cards

    Read, Plant, Grow!

    Seeded Paper Business Card – a great way to differentiate your business from any other.

    We make standard business cards which are 55mm x 90mm and we can make them with a variety of seeds – Australian natives, herbs or veggies.

    We also make large business cards (55mm x 110mm) for that extra bit of impact or to give a perforated tear-off portion to be planted.

    All the paper is 100% recycled and handmade in Melbourne.

    Each sheet of our plantable paper is embedded with a multitude of seeds. Many are within the thickness of the paper whilst others are near the surface and clearly visible. The surface texture and appearance will vary according to the type of seeds in the paper and each sheet will have the seeds randomly distributed… creating a fascinating uniqueness for every sheet.

    Seed Types

    Standard seed types available are Swan River Daisy, Lemon-scented Bottlebrush, Thyme, Oregano, and Chamomile. These seed paper varieties are generally always in stock and are suitable for most customised printing projects.

    Other seed types include Basil, Forget-Me-Not, Parsley, Salad Mix and Carrot. Depending on artwork and quantity required these seeds which are slightly larger may not be suitable for all types of printing


    Printing on and trimming of seed paper is a bit different to that of normal machine made paper.

    We don’t print on massive sheets or rolls of paper. Our standard size for printing is SRA3 (slightly larger than A3). Pricing is generally based on how much we can fit to a printed sheet as well as the detail in the artwork.

    Artwork that has full ink coverage or prints directly to the trimmed edge is more costly to produce.

    Full or high ink coverage can also affect the viability of the seeds to germinate. We recommend using no more than around 50% ink coverage per side. Please see Artwork Guidelines for further details.

    Pricing Guide

    Business Card Price Guide: 90mm x 55mm – prices include GST
    Quantity Price Range: Print 1 side Price range: Print 2 sides
    50 – 249 cards $1.19 to $1.26 each $1.42 to $1.60 each
    250 – 499 cards $1.13 to $1.20 each $1.35 to $1.52 each
    500 – 999 cards $1.01 to $1.17 each $1.21 to $1.36 each
    1000 – 2499 cards  83 cents to 88 cents each  99 cents each to $1.12 each
    2500 plus Contact us for a quote

    Prices at the lower rate include up to around 40% ink coverage and no edge to edge printing. If your artwork has higher ink coverage or prints to the edge, pricing towards the higher rate may apply.

    Artwork Print Setup fees:

    • $30.00 per design for PRINT READY PDF
    • $55.00 per design for customised Paper-Go-Round prepared artwork. Please note we have limited spots available for this service.

    If reordering, artwork fee is waived when printing with the same artwork.

    The following images show examples of artwork details with various print requirements.

    This “Be Natural” card has around 40% ink coverage and no edge to edge printing so would be priced lower.

    This card has higher ink coverage and prints to the edge so higher prices would apply.

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