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    Seed Types

    How we select suitable seeds

    Our seeded paper (which we also call seed paper or plantable paper) has seeds embedded in the paper. However, in order for this to be possible, the seeds have to be small enough to stay in the paper. For example, a pea would not be a good candidate for embedding in paper, unless the paper were as thick as several layers of cardboard!

    So the seeds we use are small enough to enable them to stay in the sheet once it has been made. Many Australian native trees, shrubs and flowers are suitable, as are many herbs and vegetable seeds.

    The other factor which influences the seeds we use is the ability to print on the seeded paper. Many Australian natives have very small seeds (some so small that there are as many as 30,000 seeds in just one gram!) and so the seeds are easily held within the thickness of the paper, producing a relatively smooth surface for printing.

    Other seeds can still be embedded in the paper but are larger and the surface of the paper is slightly raised with each seed. This paper can still be printed but care has to be taken to ensure the seeds are not damaged.

    There are many seeds that can be embedded in our paper that are too large to print and would only be used if no printing was required (eg as a tip-on to another item).

    Where do the seeds come from?

    We source all our seeds from seed farms within Australia. In 2023 we began planting many varieties from seed and our seed paper on our farm in the Victorian high country. In January 2024 we harvested seeds and made the first batch of seed paper (chamomile), with lots more varieties to follow as trees and flowers grow.

    We encourage our plantable seed paper to be planted in domestic gardens and back yards rather than native bush areas – this also makes it easier to keep the paper moist during germination.

    We use seeds of a particular species in our seeded paper. We would not normally specify the provenance of those seeds (ie where they were gathered). However, some people like to encourage the planting of seeds that have actually been gathered from the same area as they are to be planted.

    If you would like local provenance seeds, we can use them to make paper specially for you. Or we could use the seeds that you supply. Subject, of course to their suitability.


    We keep stock of many papers with different seeds. Our stock Range includes Swan River Daisy, Lemon-scented Bottlebrush, Chamomile, Mixed flower, Thyme, Oregano, Herb Mix, Salad Mix.

    Australian Natives

    Using Australian natives trees, shrubs or flowers is likely to be of great benefit to bird, insect and animal life.

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