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    Swan River Daisy

    Brachycome iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy)
    Our most popular seed variety and there’s a lot to love about these flowers!
    Originally discovered along the banks of the Swan River in Western Australia, these native daisies are found in the wild throughout WA, SA and central NT. Growing naturally in sandy or clay soil, they will happily bloom along waterways, sandy plains and rocky outcrops. They will tolerate a variety of conditions and can be grown easily throughout Australia.
    In the home garden they thrive in garden beds, rockeries, pots and hanging planters.
    Swan River Daisies bloom in a range of colours – crisp white, pale mauve, stunning blue and vibrant purple. The center florets are mostly in shades of yellow with tinges of black and brown towards the middle.
    Not only do these daisies provide a beautiful splash of colour to our gardens, they are also bee friendly. Bees are especially attracted to blue and purple flowers, and the shallow flowers of the daisy plant allow the bees to easily reach inside for the nectar and pollen.
    Swan River Daisies grow best in full sun as lots of sunlight is required for prolific flowering. They will tolerate some shade but flowers may not be as plentiful.  If planted in mass under trees, they will form a natural carpet.
    Young plants need regular watering but once established only water as required, generally when rainfall is low or if conditions are extremely hot.
    Swan River Daisies have a long flowering season – from spring to early autumn and grow to a height of around 25cm to 40cm.
    Regularly removing spent flowers can encourage new blooms.
    Swan River Daisies will easily self-seed if the flowers are allowed to naturally die off. The seeds that are contained in the flowering heads will fall to the ground and produce new daisy plants the following growing season.
    Enlarged image of Swan River Daisy seeds.
    Swan River Daisy seeds are ideal for adding to seed paper. They are small, slightly elongated, and relatively flat – the perfect shape for embedding in paper.
    Swan River Daisy seed paper is suitable for most printing methods. It’s our preferred seed paper for printing high product quantities. It can be sent all around Australia and it’s fast to germinated when planted.
    An all-round winner in our eyes!
    Preprinted Swan River Daisy business cards.
    Swan River Daisy seed paper.

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