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    Custom Place Card

    $2.14 - $3.75 inc. GST

    Provide a sustainable solution for your next event by printing guest names on seed paper.

    Simply provide your artwork and an excel document with names and we will set up the files for printing.

    **Submit your order via this shopping cart to receive 5 complimentary blanks cards!

    Folded card size: 90mm x 50mm (minimum order quantity: 30 cards).

    For information on setting up and submitting your artwork please download the Artwork Notes for Name Cards PDF.  

    Additional details can be found on the DESCRIPTION tab below.

    Information regarding our current lead times can be found here.


    30 - 49 pieces
    50 - 99 pieces
    100 - 249 pieces
    250 - 499 pieces
    500 - 999 pieces
    1,000+ pieces


    Choose from the options below and add your required quantity.
    Pricing based on the selected options can be seen above the “add to cart” button. Selecting different options will adjust the pricing. When you are happy with your selections click “add to cart”.

    Prior to commencing the full print run, we will print a sample of your artwork and email a photo for your approval. We will provide recommendations if changes may be needed to your artwork.

    Select your seed paper


    Select the following options that best fits your artwork. For more information regarding printing to the edges and ink coverage, please see DESCRIPTION TAB below.

    Printing to the edges

    Displayed prices are for artwork with NO printing to any edges.

    If artwork requires printing to ONE or MORE edges, select the “edge to edge” print option below AND add a 3mm bleed.
    Printing to the edges consumes more seed paper (& creates more waste) so additional fees apply.

    Ink coverage

    Displayed prices are for STANDARD ink coverage only. The overall printed area of the seed paper should be less than 50%.
    If your artwork requires large ink coverage, you can upgrade prices to allow for the EXTRA ink coverage.

    Artwork upload

    Artwork files can also be submitted to if preferred. Please reference your order number in email.

    (max file size 50 MB)
    (max file size 50 MB)

    Names to print

    Excel files only are accepted.
    Please ensure names are in columns. ~ For example: “names” in column A, “company name” in column B, “job description” in column C.
    Names will be printed exactly as provided in excel file.
    Name file can be emailed later to if not finalized when placing order.

    (max file size 50 MB)

    Let us know below if you have any other details that may be relevant to your order.

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    Names will be added by Paper Go Round via a data merge using your supplied excel file.

    Your excel file should include:

    • Individual names/company/job titles
    • Include details in columns for example – “Names” in column A, “Company” in column B, “Job title” in column C etc….
    • Data will be printed exactly as provided in the excel file
    • Please double check spelling of names.


    If providing artwork that is not editable we will require two PDF versions of your artwork.


    This is your artwork without any names (i.e. the blank version of your artwork). We will add the names to this artwork via a data merge. We will also print from this artwork if you require additional cards without printed names.

    PDF setup requirements:

    • Page size must be set to the correct dimension of the product required.
      • If printing to the edge, the page size will be larger to include a 3mm bleed.


    This is an example of your artwork showing where you would like the names located, the text size and font.

    • We will use a similar font and size for the names. If you require an exact font match, we may need you to  provide the font files to ensure we can print the names as required.
    • When designing your artwork, consider the text size for names to ensure it will be appropriate to fit both short and long names.
    • Also include any hole/slot positions if required.


    If providing an editable PRINT READY PDF created in Adobe illustrator or InDesign only one file will be required.

    • Font files may need to be supplied if using a font not available through creative cloud.
    • Embed images or supply separately.


    Once your artwork design is finalized, we will prepare the data merge and add all your names.

    • A PDF of all the merged names will be emailed for approval prior to full printing.
    • We will also email a photo of the test print.



    We try to keep prices as low as possible with product pricing often based around the amount of cards we can get from a printed sheet of seed paper. Keeping your artwork design clear of any edges allows us to use the paper more efficiently – this means less printing/cutting time, and also less wastage.

    If your design prints to the edge (even just one edge!) we need to set up artwork differently. The added 3mm bleed reduces the quantity of products we can fit to each sheet of printed paper. This increases the price per product as extra seed paper is required, cutting and printing time (we print one sheet at a time!) is longer and more waste is created.


    Pricing is also influenced by the amount of ink coverage required for printing. Two pricing levels are available – STANDARD or EXTRA.

    • STANDARD COVERAGE: All displayed prices are based on standard ink requirements – this allows up to around 50% ink coverage over the printed page.

    Artwork that is mostly text with simple/small images & logos will generally fall into standard ink coverage.

    If your design comprises more than 50% ink coverage, you can upgrade to EXTRA ink coverage.

    • EXTRA COVERAGE:  Allows for large ink coverage over the printed page. Full ink coverage should be avoided.

    Large ink requirements are when your artwork contains large solid areas of ink covering approximately half to all of the seed paper. Printing with large amounts of ink is costly (ink is expensive!) and due to the nature of seed paper, we often have a lot of wastage as the seed paper just doesn’t cope as well when saturated with ink.

    Seed germination is often reduced when heavily saturating the paper with ink so it’s best to avoid more than 75% ink coverage if possible.

    A visual assessment of your artwork is often enough to determine what level of ink coverage your artwork requires. If you are unsure, email us your design for help. We will request you to adjust your artwork if ink coverage is not suitable.


    We encourage you to visit and consider the information on our ARTWORK AND PRINT SUPPORT page. Submitting artwork that follows these guidelines will help to speed up your order and achieve a beautifully printed seed paper product.


    Don’t forget to include some planting instructions when designing your artwork.  Following are some examples you may like to use…

    ‘This card is made from recycled paper and embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds. Soak card in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in a pot or ground).
    Lightly cover with more mix, water and keep moist. Germination should take 7 – 21 days.’

    ‘Plant me, I’m embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds. Soak card in water until soft. Place card on soil, cover lightly with more soil and water regularly.’


    How quick we supply your cards is dependent on supplied artwork and total quantity ordered.

    Information regarding our current lead times can be found here.

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